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Quotes My Journey....I decided 2014 was the year I was going to make it happen, that extra 150 pounds was coming off. Joshua and I met in July and began training together. Together is exactly what I mean. Joshua has stood right beside me, literally, through every step of this journey. The trials, the tears, the victories, the smiles. I have never met a more real, genuine, caring professional person in my life. Joshua is not only an incredible person but a wealth of knowledge when it comes to fitness, training and health. Thank you Joshua for coming in to my life and walking beside me in this journey. Quotes

Quotes I have worked with personal trainers in the past and none can compare to Josh! Josh's belief in me has made me push myself more than I ever thought I could. He genuinely cares about his clients and wants to see them succeed. The changes I have seen in my body working with Josh have been amazing, I would never even consider a different personal trainer! If you are looking for a personal trainer who knows what they are doing and actually cares about their clients, go see Josh! Quotes

Quotes Well..... where to start. I gotta tell you that switching trainers and starting up with Josh was such a game changer for me. He is very good at keeping you motivated and makes sure that what you are doing is relevant to what your needs are. He will get you moving even on your worst day and doesn't cram a bunch of self help crap down your throat. He's very real and knows that coming to work out is a choice a person is making to better them selves and helps keep you on track with normal everyday things. He doesn't make you feel aweful for having a bad day or going out and having a nice dinner or a girls night or whatever. He just kicks your butt a little harder the next day :-) Cause guess what thats part of everyday life and if you feel aweful you'll stop going. He does a great job of making you hold yourself accountable. I don;t feel like I have to answer to anybody but myself, and when its all said and done I'm the only person to answer to. Thanks Josh for keeping me responsible to me Quotes

Quotes Working out with Josh is great! He keeps me motivated and accountable. He pays attention to my personal goals, and what I want to gain from training to achieve the results that I want. Quotes

Quotes Josh has changed my life not only am I living healthy, I feel like a new person. In the first 75 days I have lost 35lbs and i have dropped off about 8% of my body fat sitting at 15% from 23%. Josh and all the staff at everhealthy fitness treat me like I'm part of a family and I never been motivated like I am now! Thanks Guys! Quotes
layne Rozenkrantz

Quotes What can I say... I have tried other personal trainers in the past and have been disappointed. I am going on 30 days of working out with Personal Trainer-Joshua Ryan. From the start, he is efficient and a professional. Everything that we discussed, we have accomplished. One thing that was asked of me as the "trainee" was show dedication and motivation. I am dedicated and thanks to the routines, and diet/supplementation advice of Joshua, I continue to be motivated to continue with Everhealthy Fitness. It has been a tough, but rewarding experience. I can proudly say that for the first time in my life, i am starting to see muscle growth. I feel great and honored to be part of a great company. Quotes
Esteban Gonzalez
Idaho Army National Guard

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